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Textbook Rental Program

The Campus Store’s textbook rental program provides every undergraduate and graduate student access to textbooks and course materials, digitally and physically, in exchange for a fixed fee per semester.

The program's digital delivery system offers students equitable access, convenience, sustainable options — and savings. Approximately 80% of textbooks and course materials are available in digital form; titles that are not will be available as a physical textbook.

Benefits of the digital program

  • Students arrive on the first day of class with access to course materials already in place.
  • Students can access content anywhere, anytime — including offline.
  • Digital books increase accessibility for individuals with various disabilities and accommodate screen readers or font enlargement.
  • Digital books are sustainable, requiring no physical delivery, packing materials or labor, nor do they contribute to landfill waste.


  • Student fees include a fixed cost per term that covers required textbooks and course materials. The fee for undergraduate students is $270 for Spring and Fall terms and $65 for Summer terms. Graduate students will have a fee of $115 for Spring and Fall terms and $25 for Summer terms.
  • Across the University of North Carolina System, the average cost of books and supplies for full-time undergraduate students was $1,113 in the 2019–20 academic year.
  • Some course materials, including lab kits, workbooks, one-time use items, course packs, and other items are not included in the rental fee and will be purchased separately.
  • Students can choose to opt out of the program each term. For example, students who have internships or limited need for materials during a term may opt out. Others might want to buy and keep their materials for future reference.

Visit the Student Textbook Resources page for important deadlines, information on accessing your textbooks and course materials, and how to opt out of the textbook rental program.


If you have questions, please put in a Bookstore Support Request ticket (log-in required).