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The Appalachian State Campus Store does not use cookies or Facebook pixels to collect data on our visitors. We care deeply about the privacy of our users, so we don't track visitors' data, and we don't use paid advertising from any platform, including Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc... This isn't only a moral decision, it's also law in North Carolina. In general, "the Umstead Act (the "Act") prohibits North Carolina government agencies from competing with the private commercial activities of North Carolina citizens. NC State University and its employees must comply with the Act." Because off-campus paid advertising would compete with local businesses, the Umstead Act forbids us from advertising online.

The only time we collect user information is when users place online orders. We collect first and last names, email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers. When renting textbooks, we require App State student IDs, or "banner numbers." At checkout, visitors will be prompted to enter this information, along with a payment method. Payment methods will always be encrypted and protected in our system, which is powered by NetSuite. Although we don't utilize paid advertising, we may occasionally email customers with promotions and store information.